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Tuesday , September 21 2021

‘Stuntmen’ driving on Sulaibikhat coastal walkway ‘endanger’ lives of pedestrians

Citizens urge authorities to take action

KUWAIT CITY, July 26: Walking hobbyists all over Kuwait practice their favorite sport in pleasure and safety, except on Doha and Sulaibikhat coastal walkway. The situation on this walkway is different, because a person at any moment may find himself under the tires of cars.

This is because some drivers use the walkway, making it a motorway instead of an amateur walkway, reports Al-Rai daily. Motorists who perform stunts and do not value the weight of law deliberately drive their cars on the walkway, despite knowing it is intended for exercise and not driving cars. They thus disturb those who like walking and recreation, and most of them end up abandoning the place in fear for their lives.

This situation has resulted in a state of anxiety and inconvenience for all who are seeking a safe place to exercise away from the danger of moving cars. The daily visited the aforementioned walkway, and documented the violations committed by motorists who cross the boundary between the road and the walkway.

Many of the walkway users complained about the phenomenon of motorists entering and spoiling people’s sport activities and walking exercise. This is in addition to the high risk due to the presence of cars in large numbers, which may lead to accidents, inconvenience and harassment for others.

The hobbyists who face suffering in this regard are hoping that the concerned authorities will find solutions to this negative phenomenon that is threatening their lives. Some of those who practice sport on the walkway said they suffer from the large number of cars that cross into the walkway and use it as a road, adding that those motorists threaten the lives of the people who walk and expose them to danger.

They stressed that they wish the responsible authorities will not delay in placing barriers and preventing cars from crossing. They demanded that the competent authorities put an end to the large number of cars that threaten the safety of the walkers, especially children and the elderly, besides causing pollution and inconvenience through the sounds and fumes that these cars emit that spoil the pleasure of walking

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