Strict measures ensure smooth conduct of biology and philosophy exams

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A file photo shows students are checked if they are carrying any electronics to help them cheat.

KUWAIT CITY, June 6: Yesterday, the Ministry of Education successfully resumed the remaining exams for the twelfth grade for the second academic period of the current year. The biology and philosophy exams were conducted smoothly and without complications, thanks to the new strict measures implemented by the Ministry, which effectively prevented any exam leaks, as reported by the Al-Rai newspaper.

According to sources from the Ministry of Education, the correction process is proceeding as planned by the committees of the scientific and literary departments. The success rates in the subjects corrected so far are within the normal range, with no evidence of collective cheating or leaks in the students’ answers.

The success rate in some subjects during the first semester was about 80 percent, which has now slightly increased to 82 percent. Additionally, 4,000 students achieved a full score in one of the scientific subjects out of 27,000 students in the scientific department.

Sources informed Al-Rai that the announcement of results will be delayed by only one day, moving the release to next Thursday, the 13th of this month, instead of Wednesday. They assured that the correction committees will conduct thorough reviews, both horizontal and vertical, to ensure fair and accurate final grades for the students, with oversight by a large number of technical mentors.

The overall statistics for attendance, absence, and deprivation for the literary and scientific sections of yesterday’s exams revealed that 41 cases of deprivation were recorded: 14 in the biology exam for the scientific section and 27 in the philosophy exam for the literary section. There were also 2,455 cases of absence, with 1,104 in the scientific section and 1,351 in the literary section.

The Ministry of Education has referred the issue of exam leaks to the General Department of Criminal Investigation, which is summoning all involved parties for testimonies and will refer any individuals found guilty to the Public Prosecution.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education plans to make changes in its supervisory functions and issue new assignment decisions in certain departments. After the exams conclude, the Ministry will begin filling vacancies in positions such as department heads, supervisors, and central department officials.

Responding to social media rumors, including one about a leaked biology test, teacher Abdullah Al-Dhafiri urged students to stay calm and focus on their studies. He emphasized the importance of honesty, stating, “Be reassured, strengthen your wits, study, and trust in God, and remember that cheating is not permissible.”

This news has been read 609 times!

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