Stresses of the Awqaf and lax control

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The bombing of the Sadiq Shiite mosque in Kuwait, which took place in late June 2015, resulted in the loss of 250 innocent civilians between the dead and the injured, while they knelt in prayer and this has been haunting the conscience of every sincere person.

The government in an attempt to ease the sectarian aspect of the issue, the Awqaf Ministry was instructed to activate the work of the committee that was tasked with drafting Friday sermons, especially since some of the imams and preachers, especially the hardliners, were not following up the ministry’s instructions concerning their sermons, which was the reason why some of them were referred for investigation or were suspended.

We believed for a while that this decision represents a step in the right direction and will contribute to the alleviation of unwarranted religious instigation and will reduce the dose of undesired radicalism in the sermons of some mosques, especially the positive social and political developments in the region and the increasing demand for easing the social pressure on women, give them more space for freedom, allowing them to drive cars, travel and trade without the consent of men.

All this contributed to the feeling that we will see positive changes in Kuwait, but after reading the text of last Friday’s sermon, which was broadcast by international news agencies and focused on the BBC, all our expectations were blown away by the wind after likening the sermon to a call for the liberation of women as a modern atheism, and those who called for the emancipation of women, in fact calls to disassociate them from the customs and chastity and modesty and follow the infidels and disintegration.

It is really painful to issue such a unified sermon in this era in all the mosques of Kuwait and the official media at one time, at a time when many countries have begun to feel tired of their miserable internal situations. They not only denounced the situation of women, but also strongly strived to change them for the better.

It is impossible to accept half of the society remaining oppressed in the house and deprived of all human rights in the name of liberating women that will only lead to their isolation from customs and chastity and modesty.

Ignorant are those who deny that tens of thousands of women in Kuwait, if not more, are considered to be modern for more than half a century, but yet we have not seen any deviation from the customs or lack modesty or dissolution but the opposite is close.

Wonderful examples exist in our society — women have always been the best girls, and then become good mothers and good grandmothers, and a source of pride for their families and their homeland.

This intellectual terrorism and solid guardianship must stop, and the government must realize that the time of oppression and enslavement of women has been done away with forever, and we have no other choice than to move forward, and try to catch up with some of our predecessors and be in the first rows, if we can’t do this we can choose to pick grapes with them!

Note: The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia ruled out the exclusion of a number of teachers from different schools, in addition to some faculty members in universities, on charges of being influenced by the ideas of banned groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and the formation of a special committee to test the leadership of the ministry and ensure its intellectual backgrounds..! Do we learn?

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


This news has been read 12580 times!

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