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Stray dogs, bad roads abound in insecure, neglected Zahra – Kuwaiti, Indian steal 30 kg incense from Asian

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: Zahra area, which was once considered as the ideal residential area in Kuwait due to the beauty of the area and its beautiful name, is today a victim of neglect and indifference. Its streets are filled with potholes and its road pavements are broken. Several residents of Zahra area are saddened by the deteriorating condition of their area. They urged the concerned authorities to remove the huge quantities of construction materials that have been dumped throughout the area as well as deal with the presence of stray dogs in some parts of the area which poses a threat to children and to the health of the residents. They urged Ministry of Education to increase the number of schools of various levels in the area in order to accommodate the growing number of children in the area. A Kuwaiti resident of the area Jassem Abdullah said Zahra was one of the most “wonderful” areas in Kuwait but its condition is deteriorating due to lack of interest and maintenance which has resulted in many problems such as weed, fallen signboards and spread of constructional wastes that are not removed for a long time. Another citizen Bu Hamad said the area is not being maintained and beautified regularly. For example, many pavements are broken and people tend to park their boats in front of their houses for a long period in an uncivilized manner. Another citizen Bu Ali insisted on the need to increase security of the houses in the area especially since marginal workers often wander the area. He revealed that his house was burgled last year when he was on vacation. Umm Jamal said the main roads in Zahra area need to be widened, as there is traffic congestion in the area during the rush hours. She insisted that the number of schools in the area should be increased so that children do not have to attend schools in other areas. Another citizen Bu Mohammad stressed the need for a new clinic in Zahra area in order to deal with the congestion experienced in the current clinic.

Incense stolen: A 1973-born Kuwaiti citizen and a 1977-born Indian expatriate were arrested for impersonating police and stealing 30 kilograms of incense worth KD 30,000 from an Indian expatriate, reports Al-Rai daily. The victim, who runs an incense business from his flat in Farwaniya area, had lodged a complaint at Farwaniya police station against the two men, accusing them of stealing incense from him. A directive was immediately issued to carry out investigations in this regard. When securitymen received information from a secret source linked with one of the suspects who is an Indian expatriate, they obtained a warrant from the Public Prosecution and raided his apartment. After the suspect was arrested, he revealed that his accomplice is a Kuwaiti citizen who lives in Rumaithiya area. Securitymen rushed to the citizen’s house and raided it to find the stolen incense, and they arrested the second suspect. Both suspects admitted to the theft when questioned and they were referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action.

Flesh traders deported: A man and a woman of Western nationality have been deported for offering flesh pleasure at a cost of KD 300 per hour, reports Al- Anba daily. When the Vice Squad Department received information that two Romanians have arrived in the country for immoral purposes after coordinating with their clients through the Internet, Acting Director General of Criminal Investigations Department Brigadier Mohammad Al-Sharhan gave instructions to arrest the two suspects, blacklist them, circulate their names to the concerned GCC authorities and deport them. The suspects were caught in a trap after a secret agent was sent to them. Securitymen raided their den and confiscated KD 400. During interrogations, the two suspects explained that they came to the country on tourist visas two weeks ago and they had already transferred the money they earned from their illegal activities to their country.

Missing girl found: An unidentified young girl, who was reported as missing, was arrested along with a Kuwaiti citizen who were both under narcotic influence and were in possession of 37 narcotic pills, reports Al-Rai daily. Reportedly, Mubarak Al-Kabeer securitymen were patrolling the area when securitymen noticed a young man driving a vehicle recklessly. After ordering them to pull over, securitymen checked their details to discover the motorist is a Kuwaiti citizen. They also discovered that a missing case was filed against the girl in Salmiya Police Station. Noticing their disoriented state, securitymen checked them to find 37 narcotic pills in their possession. They were both arrested and referred with the drugs to the Drugs Control General Department for further investigations.

By Najeh Bilal Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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