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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHEN they were part of the National Assembly they pretended to be the supporters of freedoms, development, reforms and protectors of the rights of the people.

But once they lost their green seats following the nullification of the Parliament, they looked upon it as an unworthy authority. They even accused the Parliament with phrases found only in their decaying dictionary.

Today, as the country is preparing to go to the polls, this band of hostile men are getting ready to empty their bag of lies.

Moreover, some MPs who were part of the nullified Parliament, and Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) are shouting the same slogans because they have become politically bankrupt. It is unfortunate, to say the least, they have forgotten their past misdeeds when they fashioned the destruction of the country beginning with political blackmail and milking the government institutions in the name of ‘service to the people’ and ‘protection of public funds’.

They accused the people of betraying the nation and portrayed themselves as patriots and judges. In actual fact, it is because of them Kuwait and its development suffered. Those who have painted a bad image of Kuwait during a recent seminar as a country where corruption is rampant, bribery thrives and people rob public funds have introduced themselves as saviors although they have never cared either for the good of country or the citizens. They are only concerned about the green seats in the Parliament or a senior position in a ministry.

There is no doubt their appetite for the Parliament seat has increased. They will not waste time to cast their slogans of boycotting the elections in the nearest dustbin. Moreover, they will not only accept the one-man one-vote system but embrace it. In fact, we will not be surprised if they disown their misdeeds of rallies, demonstrators, sit-ins and riots which they once organized to ‘enforce’ to the one-man four-vote system.

Now they are all out to deceive the people that they have turned their backs on those activities in public interest but in reality they are eyeing their narrow personal interests such as appointments of their kin in government jobs – appointments by blackmailing officials using constitutional tools — and tourism in the name of overseas medical treatment and impeding profit-making projects such as the Dow Chemicals, development of northern oil fields, roads, hospitals, etc.

We tell people that the country has seen comprehensive development at all levels when these MPs of the so-called nullified Parliament were no longer part of the decision-making process. Even the Kuwaitis felt they were living in a safe and stable homeland.

Therefore, you had to swallow the bitter pill over the past three years when people started abandoning you to your fate. Your political bankruptcy surfaced once again when one of you criticized the accidental collapse of a mosque dome which was under construction. You shouted ‘wolf’ and bragged about corruption disregarding the improvement in the construction sector (roads), the public services, construction of buildings and integrated modern cities.

We are sure all these projects would have remained ink on paper and people would have no houses to live in, if you had continued to occupy the green seats and remote controlled these projects. This person, who considered this accident which happened due to a simple technical error which can happen in any country, depicted himself as the only savior of the nation who has set out to rescue the country from corruption which had led to collapse of the dome.

Will slogans such as these help Kuwait to be part of the modern world in the 21st century? Or, do you still think people will take your ridiculous lies at face value and be deceived?

It has now become crystal clear that the results of the next elections will tell these opportunist individuals that there is no place for them among the people for the simple reason they have experienced bitterness when they were around.

I have a feeling that those who have announced early that they will not run for the coming elections have realized they stand no chance of winning but want to protect some of the remaining dignity.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 6526 times!

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