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Stop recruiting expat engineers

KUWAIT CITY, June 13: The Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) has presented four recommendations to the World Bank regarding regulating the labor market inside Kuwait. The Chairman of the KSE Board of Directors, Faisal Al-Atl, said the first recommendation relates to obligating government institutions to evaluate and approve the qualifications of non- Kuwaiti workers in the engineering field in various government sectors and projects and to find solutions to the problem of employing Kuwaitis in the public and private sectors during the next two decades.

Faisal Al-Atl during his participation in the meeting

He explained the society had earlier presented an initiative to the Kuwaiti government to oblige government agencies to evaluate and approve the engineering qualifications of non-Kuwaiti workers in government sectors and made a recommendation in this regard to the World Bank, indicating that this is a major initiative of the association and a recommendation it submitted to the economic advisory team of the World Bank to Kuwait government during the meeting was held virtually in the presence of the representative of the General Secretariat of the Kuwait Center for Public Policies in the Public Planning Authority.

Al-Atl added the KSE hopes the World Bank will include in its recommendations a strategy to develop a job strategy in Kuwait, and pointed to a second recommendation made by the KSE, which is its initiative presented in the government to solve the problem of employing Kuwaitis in the public and private sectors during the next two decades, adding, “We recommended stopping the recruitment of newly graduated engineers from outside the country” until employment of all Kuwaiti engineers in the public and private sectors and stopping the recruitment of those with less than 5 years of experience to work in Kuwait.” He stressed the need to work on the society’s initiative which was presented several years ago, under the title “Young Engineers, Future Leaders,” which provides for the rehabilitation and training of newly-graduated Kuwaiti engineers to work in the private sector to qualify them to work in the government sector, while allowing them to continue in the private sector. The virtual meeting was attended by Abdullah Al-Amir from the General Secretariat of the Kuwait Center for Public Policy, the World Bank Chief Economist Venktesh Sundharaman, and economist Sangeeta Goyal, senior economist at the World Bank and the economist Rami Zaid.

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