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Staying healthy, losing weight leads most 2016 resolutions – More time for family pledged

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers shared their resolutions for the coming year. The majority of responders felt that losing weight and staying healthy would be their number one priority. Choosing a New Year’s Resolution is one of the most important ways in which a majority of people ring in the new year.

It is time for many to plan strategically for the year ahead, improve themselves through discipline and commitment, and modify their negative behaviours.

40 percent of voters committed themselves to losing weight and staying healthy in 2016. “We as a country should be taking control of our health by disciplining ourselves and our families. It is only by individual and communal efforts that we will be able to come down from our global high rank in obesity.” “A lot of people in my social circle have become more interested in diet and exercise over the past few years. I think this is on account of the high prevalence of lifestyle diseases here. Everybody in Kuwait has someone close to them who has diabetes or cardiovascular ailments. So we have realized that we need to take ownership of our bodies and service them better with a proper diet and more activity,” a reader shared.

19 percent of respondents vowed to spend more time with family in the coming year. “A lot of us get caught up in the rat race and don’t realize how fast time is passing us by. The years are just flying by. I am making it a priority to spend more time with my family in the coming year, my kids are growing up fast and will go off to college before I know it.”

14 percent of voters shared that their goal for the new year was to make more money while 11 percent shared that their main aim would be to cut stress. “We all know about the harmful effects of stress. I recently read about a study that shared how chronic stress can lead to the development of mind’s cognitive impairment, and increase the chances of having Alzheimer’s. I’ve had members of my family suffer from Alzheimer’s so I will do everything I can to ward it off,” a voter stated.

7 percent felt compelled to volunteer in social work and help others in 2016. “I think helping others is the only way to fight our sense of entitlement and consumerist urges. I hope that I am able to invest my time helping others in the coming years,” a young reader shared.

5 percent hoped to travel to distant places in 2016 and another 5 percent vowed to quit or limit their habits of smoking and drinking. “I think as an expatriate worker in Kuwait, you have to make the most of Kuwait’s geographic positioning to explore countries and cultures that would otherwise be too far off. I am looking forward to travelling to a couple of new places in 2016,” a respondent commented.

By Cinatra Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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