Statistics on Kuwait’slabor market spread

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: Government institution statistics provide a comprehensive overview of Kuwait’s workforce, spanning both the public and private sectors, revealing notable trends in employment distribution, reports Al-Qabas daily. In the government, the education sector emerges as a significant employer, with approximately 154,000 employees, comprising around one-third of the total government workforce of approximately 471,000 employees.

Following closely is the public administration and defense sector, employing around 172.3,000 individuals, constituting about 36.5% of the total workforce. The breakdown within the education sector indicates that 128,000 Kuwaiti citizens are employed alongside 22.7,000 non-Kuwaitis. Meanwhile, the health and social work sector employs approximately 41,000 individuals, representing about 8.7% of government employment, with 14.1000 Kuwaitis and 26.8 thousand non-Kuwaitis contributing to the workforce.

Turning to the private sector, which boasts approximately 1.6 million employees, accommodation and food activities emerge as the predominant employer, with 639,000 individuals, comprising 39.1% of the total private sector workforce. The construction sector follows closely behind, employing 225,000 workers, constituting approximately 13.85% of the private sector workforce. Manufacturing industries rank third, with approximately 163,000 workers, while administrative and support services activities employ about 131,000 individuals

This news has been read 1949 times!

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