‘Staff work better from home’

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KUWAIT CITY, April 3: According to a recent government study, working remotely leads to higher productivity. This is because the employee works in an environment that is friendly to him/her without any stress and distraction, not to mention many other economic and social advantages, reports Al- Qabas daily. In a manner similar to taking an advanced step in giving some segments of employees an opportunity to work remotely, the study titled “The Future of Remote Work from Necessity to Sustainability” prepared by the National Center for Development Research recommended allowing remote work for employees who will retire within three to five years. It also highlighted the advantages of working online for women and people with disabilities.

According to the study, the option of working remotely is suitable for women, especially mothers, as they do not have to give up their careers to devote themselves to taking care of their families. It explained that remote work provides suitable job opportunities for people with disabilities without hindrances through the contribution of technical developments for creating a new culture in the labor market and providing job opportunities that transcend the barriers of time and place and bring the employee together with the employer on an electronic environment through which jobs are performed without attendance.

Remote work has led to a tangible change in the methods and tools for carrying out commercial and economic activities, as new markets have emerged that depend on digital development and modern technologies. Technology has become the best way to ensure business continuity. The study revealed that Kuwait ranked second in the Arab world and 49th globally in the remote work index issued by the Circle Loop company, which is specialized in providing cloud communications in the United Kingdom. It indicated that, despite the importance of remote work, there are professions and activities that will not change in the foreseeable future in the nature of their performance, because they require the presence of their owners at the top of their work.

The study presented a set of proposals for digital work, most notably the electronic transformation of all government services in different agencies, and the need to provide cybersecurity systems during the period of remote work, while adhering to security controls and security standards for remote work issued by the competent authority. It stressed the need to use electronic and smart systems to follow up and document the performance of tasks during the period of remote work and to ensure the presence of the necessary technical support, as well as to find mechanisms to measure efficiency with defining standards, mechanisms and standard time frames for each activity and output chosen to follow up the work within qualitative jobs such as supervisory jobs, preparing policies or functions of a research nature.

Working in accordance with these recommendations requires keenness to develop a strategy that enhances Kuwait’s digital position and supports smart transformation efforts, while maintaining the quality of services and providing them at a high level. Meanwhile, the study affirmed that one of the advantages of online education is the non-requirement for certain educational facilities such as electricity, cleanliness, security and maintenance. It highlighted the importance of remote work in the health sector during the COVID-19 crisis, including the service for booking an appointment in advance in order to avoid congestion and implement social distancing.

This news has been read 20378 times!

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