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Some travel agencies operate private flights to Egypt; Special discount granted for families

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KUWAIT CITY, April 29: Although the flights between Kuwait and Egypt have been suspended since the beginning of the corona crisis, the matter is limited to exceptional flights organized by the Egyptian Embassy, while some travel agencies have found a way to operate private flights”.

According to two employees of a travel and tourism office who spoke to the daily, private flights were obtained with the green light to fly from the Egyptian side; but the embassy has nothing to do with them. An office owner in Khaitan revealed his company, in cooperation with two other tourism offices, organized the first flight that took off on April 21; while the second flight was supposed to be organized on April 25 or 26, but it was postponed due to sterilization operations at Kuwait International Airport. It was then scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday and there is a high demand for reservations now, he added.

He revealed the price of one-way flight ticket is KD 410; in addition to the cost of quarantine for 14 days – 1,800 LE (Egyptian pounds) or about KD 504; hence, the total cost is about KD 914. In addition, Iman – another employee in the same office – disclosed a family’s situation differs from that of individuals. She said a special discount granted for families, noting the travel cost per person is KD 350 and KD 90 for a child under one year old.

She pointed out the family allocates a double room for quarantine at a price of 2,500 LE per day at a total cost of KD700 for the quarantine period. She added those wishing to sign approval of the quarantine and pay the cost must obtain a bond through which they can refund their money if the flight is delayed.

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