‘Some sow hatred between the Kuwaitis and expatriates’

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“THE Arab communities in the State of Kuwait have played and can still play a prominent role in building and developing the state, in the private and public sectors, in the economy, administration, education, and all disciplines,” Ahmed Bou Abbas wrote for Al-Seyassah.

Ahmed Bou Abbas

“Everyone knows how their pioneering contributions were along with the citizens in the renaissance of Kuwait in its golden ages, which attest to its progress far and wide.

“Unfortunately, we are currently reading daily about decisions that have nothing but restrictions, unfair accusations, and blame, mistakes, poor planning and management, and the lack of services in the state, as if there are no officials and corrupt people, and the expatriates are the decision makers.

“For example, when one looks at the crowded streets it looks like the decision- maker did not think about the limitations of mass transportation.

“Why there is no metro, nor the development of road capacity before the invasion and until today. Rather we heard warnings about revoking driving licenses from expatriates without realizing that there are projects, companies, and an urgent need for these licenses.

“In another decision, the decision maker bans the entry of a certain community just because its number has increased, and did not consider that this community has technical and numerical competencies needed by the industry and trade sectors, due to its skills, and the abundance of manpower that these sectors need in various specializations.

“He did not bother to seriously hold the corrupt people accountable who bring bulk labor and the visa traders. The policy of reaction and bullying against expatriates do not work, but will harm every honest business owner who wants to rely on himself and wants to start self-employment, and in the end all of this will lead to harm to the economy, if everyone ends their private projects and goes to government jobs.

“The current policy of dealing with residents will not attract qualified and honorable people to us, as it was in the past, but rather will alienate them. “How painful I felt for my dear brothers, the pinnacle of scientific and professional excellence, who left this country for countries that value their capabilities and competence.

“There will not be a successful and advanced country in the world that depends only on its citizens, but the reason for its progress is always civilized dealings, and attracting talents, especially those close to its cultures and religions, so that they help it in building and advancing it.

“I will not say follow the example of a neighboring country, or a developed country in Europe or Asia, but rather I will say that the advanced and pioneering State of Kuwait, which was in its golden age in the sixties and seventies of the last century, an oasis of safety and security, and an environment in which honest people resort, achieve their dreams and feel that they have an active role in their lives on this earth.

“We do not accept restrictions on them, nor is our state guilty of depriving it of their competencies, expertise, and knowledge, just because some corrupt people traffic in people. “The worst injustice I have seen is some politicians winning by promoting the theory that expatriates are the cause of the state’s backwardness and decline, and that the solution to our problems is their departure, distancing public minds from the cause, and sowing hatred between the citizen and the resident.”

This news has been read 46751 times!

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