Some MPs stress the need to jettison one-vote system

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‘Bid to address negativities of system’

KUWAIT CITY, June 3: Members of Parliament have stressed on the need to change the one-vote and the five-constituency system that would put an end to its negative manifestations, reports Al-Jaridah daily.

A number of deputies have stressed on the importance of amending the current electoral system to a better system that achieves justice and addresses the negativities that have been produced by the one vote that has led to “the aggravation of tribalism, racism and sectarianism.”

The deputies said in statements to the daily that the current electoral system – one vote per person and the five constituencies – is the worst in Kuwait’s democratic life and so it should be reconsidered to another new system according to the relative lists or any other system which is “more constitutional and democratic than the onevote system.” MP Mohammad Haif said the bill he submitted to the legislative committee on the division of the electoral districts will be withdrawn because of remarks on it.

MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei said that the current electoral system, the one vote and five constituencies, is the worst electoral system that has passed through democratic life in Kuwait. He said, the aspirations that we have as deputies is to move to the proportional electoral system, pointing out that if there is an insistence on one vote, then divide the country into 50 constituencies, and each one chooses one deputy as is the case in Britain and Bahrain if it is adhered to.

He added: “We have submitted a proposal to amend the electoral system to be five constituencies and two votes for each voter, as this is a transitional step out of the system of one vote.” He pointed out, “we look forward to success by approving the sound system, although this is not optimal, but at least will contribute to get out of the crisis that has arisen because of one vote.” MP Osama Al-Shaheen said: “I stand in favor of the amendment of the electoral system, and I was one of the signatories to the parliamentary request with Abdulwahab Al-Babtain, and we made this urgent request to amend the electoral system which was unanimously approved by the Parliament.” Al-Shaheen said: “My point of view on this matter is constitutional and democratic.

The constitutional aspect is my sincere and strong desire to move from a law-abiding situation that is marred by a major constitutional hurdle to a new situation. “We have taken various measures to express our rejection through the boycott or the opposition or through submitting proposals to the laws or appeals that have been made to do so. MP Ali Al-Deqbasi stressed on the need to amend the one-vote electoral system to the best. “I agree to any amendment to the electoral law that achieves justice and equality of opportunity, regardless of the form of this amendment.” MP Jama’an al-Harbash criticized the current one-vote electoral system, stressing the urgent need for a new electoral system to come into force to stop the negative manifestations of the system.

Al-Harbash said: “We also disagreed with the same vote as a necessity decree. We also disagreed with its results, pointing out that any fair person in the country cannot deny the bad manifestations and negative results of the current electoral system represented by one vote.” “The former electoral system of four votes and five constituencies was seen as not suitable for the country or for democratic life for promoting sectarianism and heartiness,” he said.

This news has been read 6129 times!

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