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Thursday , September 23 2021

Some lawmakers hit out at government concerning ‘high cost’ of hiring maids

Al-Durra Company rejecting applications: MP

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 4: Several lawmakers have admonished the government to be more proactive by playing the expected role in resolving the problem concerning high cost of hiring domestic workers, which is said to have reached the ceiling, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The lawmakers urged the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to make use of Al-Durra Company provide sufficient number of visas for citizens and monitor the cost of hiring maids at the domestic workers recruitment offices.

MP Thamer Al-Suwaet urged the government to activate law establishing Al-Durra Domestic Workers Recruitment Company in a concrete form. He accused the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of not acting appropriately on the issue but only issuing statements that are not connected to reality on the ground. He said the company is currently rejecting applications for hiring domestic workers insuffi- cient number of workers.

He argued that a government owned company of such status and size should not be dealing with clients in that manner. “What the government did through Al-Durra Company could not solve the problem of domestic workers; it is a mere distraction, especially at this time when the company ineffective and non-existent, and unable to provide domestic workers at a time when the offices hike prices”, Al- Suwaet lamented.

In the same vein, MP Abdullah Fuhad affirmed the need to solve the problem associated with domestic workers in the country openly. He stated the issue of price hike continues — even with the operation of Al-Durra Company. He reiterated “the National Assembly has approved of the establishment of Al-Durra Company to solve the problem of price hike, but it is now clear that government is not serious about finding a lasting solution to the problem, seeing the owners of domestic workers recruitment offices are more powerful than the government and its procedures”.

Lending his voice to the issue, MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei disclosed that those waging war against Al- Durra Company have succeeded. He observed that government should support its own company rather than fight it. “I decided to adopt this issue, because it affects every Kuwaiti home and family. The focus was initially on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thinking it was the bane of the issue, so a fact finding committee was formed for that purpose”.

He explained the committee confirmed that the ministry had actually frustrated the company through some people and parliamentary questions have since been raised concerning details of the committee’s activities, and we are waiting for the ministry to reprimand those responsible. He reiterated “this is another aspect of corruption that should not be allowed to stay, indicating the menace should be wiped out”.

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