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Wednesday , August 10 2022

Solution is departure of both government and parliament

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HIS Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled is to resign after the truth emerged in a bid to break even with himself for the failure to preserve the executive authority the way it is supposed to be preserved.

However, this does not mean that the crisis will end with his departure. Rather, it will become more complicated if the National Assembly does not get dissolved.

This is due to the fact that the weakness of the last four governments led the MPs to gnash their teeth to devour the public money and state institutions. Therefore, the next prime minister will not have any margin for manoeuvring. In fact, he will not find cooperation from the legislative authority. No matter how hard he tries to satisfy its active blocs, he will find himself drowning more.

Indeed, the solution is dissolution, even if what is the most beneficial for the country is to suspend the assembly for a few years and bring in a strong ruling government capable of hearing the voice of the people and working for them, and not for the interest of any minister.

We need a government that puts into motion the wheel of development, which has been rusted as a result of malicious obstruction by governments that have separated from reality, lived in a dungeon of conflict with parliamentarians to protect ministerial positions, and began making deals, most of which were against the will of the people, instead of working.

Undoubtedly, this matter is left to the ruler. Everyone knows that he is striving for a more open and developed Kuwait, in line with the neighboring countries, and even ahead of them, which is what any prime minister should realize.

He does not resort to tribal, sectarian and partisan quotas because satisfying any current means sharing positions, administrations and public money. This is rejected by the people who have been burned by deals that have burdened the country and led to its sinking into a series of crises. Indeed, Kuwait is like a camel in the desert that is dying of thirst while carrying water on his back.

Despite its financial solvency or supposedly accumulating it over the past decades, the country is currently suffering from a severe crisis that has affected all productive sectors.

There are dozens of contracting companies that have implemented development projects but have not received their money. Others have suspended it pending the government’s payment of its dues.

All this happened while the last three governments of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled devoted themselves to the battle for the approval of the public debt law. The MPs succeeded in blackmailing them and getting what they wanted, while the law remained in the drawers at a time that could have been compensated if the government had better managed the sovereign funds on one hand, and on the other, if it had not presented its head on a silver platter to the MPs.

Therefore, if there is an actual intention to suspend the parliament, then those in control of the decision should take a lesson from the two previous experiences, meaning that the government should not be a failure, or weak or just for time-pass. This is because the local, regional and international conditions are completely different from what they were in 1976 and 1986.

What the neighboring countries have achieved really calls for the development of laws passed at night, deals made by successive governments with MPs who reject openness, joy and progress, and live in the dungeons of the caves of Tora Bora.

The country is in need of an executive authority that thinks and plans, is firm in its decision, decisive in its positions, and does not tremble at the first question that is directed at its minister or Prime Minister. Otherwise, the crisis will worsen, and the devastation will increase, which no sane person desires.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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