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Wednesday , August 10 2022

‘Slide towards religious state’

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With time, Kuwait, secular with its constitution, is becoming a religious state. There are many indications that religiously ideological parties are taking advantage of this dangerous climate for their own interest and the interest of their religious political parties.

For this purpose they use various tools of terrorism, whether by warning of the wrath of God, as if the matter is in their own hands or by resorting to grill the concerned minister because they are all well aware that the government tries to avoid interrogations, and mostly prefers to cave in to pressures and fulfill simple religious requests which will be followed by other simple religious requests, and then others and we will eventually unknowingly slip into the theocratic state.

The spread of Islamic thought (or religious thought in general) increases in culturally modest societies where a majority do not care about education and do not have the desire to question and analyze, because they were not taught or trained to do so, and thus face their problems on their own, often negatively and this opens the doors for traders in religion to intervene and impose their opinions and push more for the theocratic state especially with the increase in the complexities of life and the feeling of some that what they are pushed toward is the right path.

Recently, some of those who had previously pledged to refrain from any political activity and tweeted and sent political messages against individuals and governments, have come to surface again, violating the terms of amnesty, but the general atmosphere seemed to make them and others confident that they are safe and that the government will prefer to turn a blind eye to their wrongdoings.

The government has also taken the same passive or indifferent attitude towards the participation of associations of charitable nature to take part in political activities although their regulations do not allow them to do so, and these are all manifestations of slipping towards a religious state.

The government had decided about a year ago to dissolve the “Quran Printing Authority” for its failure over ten years to print a single copy of the Quran, but the religious forces that benefit from this authority intervened and were not satisfied with freezing the decision to dissolve it, but rather increased the authority’s powers, which recently even floated tenders for the supply and printing of books on outdated partisan religious topics at imaginary amounts, knowing that they are available on the Internet for freely. This is also one of the manifestations of the slide towards the religious state.

The Ministry of Awqaf did the same and almost similar books were requested although they are available for free on the Internet, knowing that there is no real need to import them or print thousands of them.

A parliamentarian also drew the attention of the Minister of Commerce to the presence of statues in one of the shops, and that they are manifestations of polytheism in God.

The ministry sent its inspectors within hours, and the statues were removed immediately, paving the way for a miniature Taliban state to come. A person tweeted protesting that a university college is teaching gender (which linguistically means gender, male or female), Perhaps, the tweeter may have understood the meaning in a way that suits his thought, which means teaching sex.

A deputy picked up the tweet and referred the matter to the Minister of Higher Education, who promised him that the responsible party would be held accountable. This is also, and dozens of others, manifestations of the continuous slide towards the religious state.

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By Ahmad alsarraf