‘Shut this mouthpiece for good’ – ‘Political tune disgusting’

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Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq

PLATO said: “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

Despite the fact that most political corridors are dark, there are politicians who are light in their own respect. They are straightforward, rational and patriotic. As it is in every political society, there is the opposite – men sitting on the death dais to push more people into the wilderness, destruction and demise.

Who is this Parliament Member full of hatred? What is his story? Why hasn’t he been convicted so far…? Who is backing him and who is fueling his political presence?

The Houthis in Yemen were considered the Iranian harm projected towards the peaceful Arabian Gulf southern frontier but it was crushed through the command of the ‘Decisive Storm’ military campaign.

Today, someone is competing with the international arena’s wind to tarnish the image of his country as he is danger projected towards Kuwait and a poisonous arrow aimed at the Arabian Gulf countries. We are sure that he has no power to even cause a scratch, but we also know he is causing political uproar so those concerned about this matter should shut him up for good.

The transgressions of this person have terrorism tendencies. He is violently transgressing our brothers in this peaceful Gulf, sometimes by blipping inharmoniously towards the loving Kingdom of Bahrain, and at other times, by shrieking towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – the mother of the Arabian Peninsula and our deep and firm strategic neighbor.

The political tune he plays is really disgusting. We call for shutting up this mouthpiece, or at least, stop him from talking through various legal channels. The law organizes, protects and caters to our internal and external affairs. The action of this man is one of a kind in the local level. It is a dangerous precedent which needs to be contemplated on, in order to prevent its transformation into a phenomenon.

It is up the note-reading specialists to contemplate on the keynotes of the tune made by this mouthpiece and discuss them at length, because offending or transgressing any Gulf State or friendly Arab country is unacceptable. We will never allow seeing the image and reputation of Kuwait being dragged into the mud to serve the interests of a group of individuals moving within the diplomatic web in suspicious arenas.

Be assured that, “We will never forgive men who are afraid of the light regardless of their self-portrayal of reconciliation and peace”.

By Intisar Al-Maatouq

This news has been read 8815 times!

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