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‘Shun egos to revive sports’ – ‘Be wise for country’s sake’

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Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

The Kuwaiti government issued a decision to apologize for not hosting the Gulf Cup. The tournament, which was scheduled to take place in Kuwait in December, has been cancelled due to a decision by FIFA to suspend Kuwait’s sports activities.

I will shed light on some points regarding the negative turn of events without necessarily pointing fingers at this or that party, because the issue now is in the hands of the government and it knows how to manage it- as it wishes. Allow me to present some suggestions that may help in reactivating Kuwaiti sports after years of conflict.

The solution to every problem is to find the origin, and we all know that Kuwaiti sport is now recognized thanks to HH the Amir’s pledge to FIFA in 2012 that gave birth to Law No. 26/2012 through which Kuwaiti sports gained recognition locally and internationally.

Needless to say new Laws 117/2014 and 25/2015 have created controversies irrespective of their content, but I have in mind some ideas to solve the problem before Oct 27. I suggest freezing or suspending the above-stated laws, and re-activating the internationally recognized Law No. 26/2012 to make it possible for discussing the new law through international channels, and to seek legal and realistic solution in that concern. We should put stubbornness aside and deal with the issue with diplomacy for the benefit of the country; that’s why we must intensify efforts to reinstate Kuwait in hosting the Gulf tournament. Kuwait is more than capable to hold the big event and even bigger events.

I suggest the following:

* A joint executive committee headed by the State Minister for Youth and Sports Affairs and with representatives from concerned authorities including Kuwait Football Association to deal with the issue.

* Disregard previous problems and intensify efforts to organize the Gulf Cup.

* Prepare and equip the Kuwaiti team with the required capabilities to face spectators.

* Reorganize the arena for matches, particularly Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium, while the government sets a vision to develop the youth and sports in the country.

* The government must reinstate the position of sports, as it was in 2012, to avoid jeopardizing the activities of Kuwaiti sports unions by its suspension.

The concerned officials must accept responsibility for passing laws that yielded serious problems. We must contribute in unity to mend the shortfall in sports and youth affairs for a better future.

By Yusuf Awadh Al-Azemi

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