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Thursday , March 23 2023

Shukri Mustafa’s thought still spread in many areas

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Shukri Ahmad Mustafa (1942–1978) was an Egyptian, who was sympathetic to the Brotherhood. He married the sister of the Brotherhood member, Mohammad Subhi Mustafa, and was arrested in the sixties among other Brotherhood members, and he was released from prison after the death of Abdel Nasser.

In prison, Shukri discovered the falsehood of the Brotherhood’s “faith,” so he separated from them and founded his extremist group, which was subsequently known as “Takfir wa al-Hijra,” which began its terrorist activities by kidnapping a simple and peaceful religious sheikh, Mohammad Hussein al-Dhahabi, a former minister of endowments and set conditions for his release, but they killed him after the Egyptian government rejected their claims.

The military court issued its verdict to execute Shukri and his companions, and the verdict was executed days after their arrest.

During his trial in August 1977, Shukri did not hesitate to declare that his ideology depends on the infidelity of society and others, and all those who are not from his group and even those who joined and left it, so fighting these people takes precedence over any fighting.

Although nearly 45 years have passed since the execution of the group’s thinker, charismatic leader, its thought is still spread in several regions such as Egypt, Algeria and Libya whose intellectual system is based on the following foundations:

1. Considering that the expressions that express all sins such as injustice, immorality, guilt, sin, evil, error and the like have one meaning, which is blasphemy that breaks the religion. Therefore, whoever commits any legal violation of what is called by one of these names is an infidel and outside the religion of Islam.

2. Considering that emigration from the abode of infidelity (i.e. a state that does not rule by Sharia) is an inevitable legal duty, and therefore the group sought to find a place for emigration and seclusion from society.

3. Considering that the ruler is infidel if he refuses to join them.

4. Accepting rule by man-made laws is infidelity.

Among the most prominent features of the group, according to the sayings of Shukri Mustafa, is that all existing societies are ignorant and definitely infidel societies, and Islam is not the pronunciation of the two testimonies, but rather what the Messenger, his companions and the Rightly Guided Caliphate were founded upon, after which there was no true Islam until now.

After Shukri’s execution, his group remained steadfast, but with a change in its ideology and waiting for the Mahdi to appear and join him, thus they practice advocating their ideas without violence or seeking any political action and they seek educational social work because they deny entry to schools and universities.

The “Takfir wa al-Hijra” group and many others emerged from the womb of the Muslim Brotherhood, the storehouse of evil and they believed that they could subjugate all the governments of the world to their will and desires often with swords and daggers.

It is noticeable that there are not so many religious organizations in the world that seek, through violence, to change the world and subject it to its whims.

Since that day, we have been the most backward because we have forgotten the philosophy of our existence in this world and we have become the only nation that is not concerned with discovering the land, developing it, paying attention to the progress of its peoples and improving the environment, rather, it is sufficient to guide human beings, even if it is necessary to wield the sword in their necks.

Bin Laden, Al-Zawahiri, Al-Zarqawi, Juhayman, Al-Baghdadi, and dozens of others are but examples.

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By Ahmad alsarraf