‘Sheikh Talal efforts bringing huge MoI reforms, security for Kuwaitis’

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“FOR the first time since 1992, the Ministry of Interior is witnessing this large reform workshop, and the citizens feel this degree of safety. All of this is a natural result of the efforts made by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, whose goal is Kuwait and its security and safety,” Sattam Ahmed Al-Jarallah wrote for Al-Seyassah daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled deals with the security issue as a humanitarian need before it is a purely technical one. That is why his focus was primarily on the systematic demolition that Kuwait is subjected to by flooding it with drugs imported from abroad.

“Some may believe that combating this scourge is limited to preventing the entry of this type of lethal soft weapons, while it is a complex economic, social, and psychological process, which begins with blocking smuggling routes, and does not end with cooperation with other countries, because drying up the source means eliminating the threat from its source.

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled succeeded in this mission, and there is no doubt that what the security services are achieving in this field is appreciated by everyone.

“On the other hand, Sheikh Talal works with his human sense to address the causes of injustice that fall on people, because he realizes that security can only be achieved by thwarting actions that lead to injustice and violent reactions, and the past stage was characterized by many humanitarian initiatives far from the limelight which established a disciplined security behavior in the police force, in addition to, of course, humane interaction with the public.

“What the First Deputy Prime Minister established can turn into a source of success for the entire cabinet, which is that great human character, which is in harmony with Kuwaiti traditions and customs, and expresses the culture of our society, which we almost lost in the past years due to practices that are different from what Kuwait was based on over the past four hundred years of community building.

“What Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled is working on is a modern model for building security based on reconciling human meanings with the security value, or as it is known in many societies, that the security man is everyone’s friend and helper, not that cruel person.

“Blessings to the efforts of the Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, who faithfully translated the culture of the Kuwaiti society, that man who is firm and humble at the same time. “In short, he is the image of the Kuwaiti that everyone seeks today to see on the ground of reality after it was distorted by practices unworthy of Kuwait that prevailed in the past years.”

This news has been read 859618 times!

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