Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center launches entertaining & educational activities on Eid Al-Adha

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KUWAIT CITY, July 7: Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center announced the launch of a series of entertaining and useful events, shows and activities for all ages in the center’s museums throughout the Eid Al-Adha holiday, starting Saturday. The center said in a statement Wednesday that the activities include a display of “emotional robots” that interact in a fun way with the audience at the Museum of Science and Technology, the distinctive “color your rose”, “get to know the robotic cubes” and “the science of making slime”, where children learn to make slime from safe materials. In the activities of the Museum of Arab Islamic Sciences, the statement stated that the children will make their own perfume using flowers, oils and appropriate elements, in addition to interactive activities and educational and recreational programs that increase their scientific knowledge in all fields.

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center

He pointed out that the Natural History Museum will present a variety of activities that suit the different interests of the emerging ones, including activities about sharks and echinoderms, where participants will reap new information in an interesting way with interactive activities that use colors, entertaining tools and posters. At the Space Museum, the statement indicated that visitors will enjoy watching the new screenings of several films in the planetarium, in addition to a workshop entitled “The Little Astronomer… A Journey into the Galaxies,” in addition to the “Treasure Hunt” activity that is loved by young and old, which will be held in all the center’s museums with more workshops and various activities.(KUNA)

This news has been read 13817 times!

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