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Wednesday , June 16 2021

Shameful parliamentary behavior

THE behavior of the so-called false opposition of the National Assembly of December 5, 2020 during the session on Tuesday is a matter that should not be deliberately ignored.

The notorious National Assembly has not held a single calm or productive session for four or more months. The so-called heroism of many of its members has been witnessed at the Speaker’s podium and other podiums, as well as diwaniyas, mobile phones and social media platforms. These are heroes of websites and are known for their corruption and their sudden wealth. Honest Kuwaiti people do not believe everything they say. All that they chatter or write about is paid for.

Going back to the National Assembly session, we would like to say that during our childhood, we were sometimes described as devils due to our reckless and childish behavior. However, we never did what the MPs had done in the last four months. They displayed such shocking, barbaric and childish behavior to the point of using microphones in the most prestigious place for Kuwaitis – the Abdullah Al-Salem Hall – as if it was the “haraj” market for used cars.

An MP must remember the fact that he is in that hall, which necessitates him to forget his name, his father and his grandfathers (may God prolong the life of the living and show mercy to the dead). He should remember that he represents the views, hopes, aspirations and demands of the thousands who put his name – unfortunately – in the ballot box.

Therefore, the childish behavior that took place on Tuesday by the anti-democracy MPs is unacceptable. They occupied the seats of ministers, which gave the ministers a reason not to attend the session of the “assembly of rioters”.

The murder of the respectable woman Farah Akbar – a mother of two – in broad daylight in public cannot be tolerated. The victim was kidnapped and dumped dead in front of a hospital.

We must not be content with punishing the bloody (naturalized) criminal. The punishment must extend to those who encouraged him to do that. This should include his relatives, regardless of their status, and the government employees who tolerated the 40 violations he had committed in his work and helped him in illegally tracking down the victim. The disciplinary punishment must extend to everyone who contributed to the release of that bloody criminal by word, mediation and deed.

In addition to corruption and billions of thefts, our society has recently been overwhelmed by an unprecedented wave of youth violence caused by the availability of narcotic substances that damage the mind and will.

Complacency with the suppliers and abusers of these substances contributes to the violence. We are therefore waiting for our courts to issue its ruling on that criminal as quickly as possible so that we do not forget the matter. The ruling must include investigating everyone who supported him in his criminal behavior, no matter how high or low their status is.

Will we see a flash of light in the total darkness that we live in, evident from the daily shock we face due to the reports of corruption and unprecedented street crimes?

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil


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