Sex toys rampant in Kuwait, sold secretly by ‘well-knit’ gangs to prospective buyers

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Multiple use could lead to deadly diseases: expert

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 13: Sex toys are rampant in Kuwait and are being sold to prospective buyers by a well-knit distribution unit and to beat the tight control by the security authorities the vendors usually use non- Kuwaiti (telephone lines not registered in Kuwait) to prevent detection of their activities, reports Al-Rai daily.

The daily contacted one of the distributors of these toys to ask for details. The answer was that the prices range between 99 and KD 135 per piece. The distributor also said 60 percent of the payment must be made in advance when the goods are booked and the remaining 40 percent after receiving the goods.

Lawyer Dr Saad Al-Enezi in a statement to the daily said, “I believe that selling such things secretly violates the laws, and falls under the item (the sale of unlicensed goods) according to the Trade Law, and is punishable accordingly.”

He added, these things are strange, and those who benefit from such sales are homosexuals or the sexually deprived people and people who are weak and most of those who go in this direction are because of drugs.

He said, there are special shops which sell these stuffs and the customers are more often than not psychologically and sexually disturbed and willing to experience something new or are victims of bad companions. Dr Khader Al-Baron, a professor of psychology at Kuwait University, analyzed the psychological dimensions of users of these stuffs. “Most of those who use them have sexual disorders, but at the same time they may use them without disorders, such as those who suffer from impotence or phobias,” he said. “Mostly, the user has certain disorders.” Baron said in a statement to Al- Rai that it varies from person to person until the choice of tools is according to the desire and direction of each person, and those who suffer from sexual disorder should go to a psychologist, to get advice and help to overcome this.

He pointed out, “Kuwait has many expatriates who live without wives and this increases the likelihood of sexual disorders.” “Sex toys, if used by more than one person, will transmit microbes that cause sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, and some bacteria such as mycoplasma and urea plasma,’’ said Dr Mai Kamel, a reproductive health specialist at Jasmine Medical Dispensary.

This news has been read 237423 times!

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