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Setup procedure to distribute basic needs for Kuwaitis and Expats

Tariq Al-Muzaram

KUWAIT CITY, Mar 26: The Kuwaiti Cabinet on Thursday adopted a fresh package asking the Kuwait Supply Company to answer all food needs. The cabinet also directed paying one month’s salary to all overseas students.

The remarks were given by Government Spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem during a press conference at Sief Palace following an extraordinary Cabinet meeting on state response to novel coronavirus (COVID-19.
As per the latest edicts, the Kuwait Supply Company would provide the local market with all food staples to be determined by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, while countrywide taxi services would be “suspended”, Al-Mezrem noted.

In addition, all overseas’ students, whether they have state scholarships or not, would be given one month’s salary, the spokesman said.

This move in particular is intended to ease out the difficult conditions of Kuwaiti students abroad and to mitigate the reflections of the novel coronavirus, he added.

Finally, the cabinet decided to halt attendance for all press conferences and briefings but to use the video-conferencing system instead in order to observe rules on social distancing to curb the outbreak.

The Cabinet decided to assign the Minister of Trade and Industry in coordination with the Minister of Social Affairs and the Minister of State for Economic Affairs to develop an implementation mechanism for the food distribution system for citizens and expats to ensure the coverage of the natural reserves of the consumer while ensuring the sustainability of the strategic food stock.

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