Selective fundamentalism!

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Our fundamentalist brothers are still having fun in our society — East and West, South and North.  They prohibited the circulation of any merchandise or toy with a rainbow under the pretext that this is the slogan of homosexuals.  The rationalist obeyed them and closed some shops selling such commodities.  Then, the atmosphere became pleasant for the fundamentalists; prompting them to keep on forbidding and giving orders.

The latest of their orders was the removal of a beautiful Christmas tree from one of the famous complexes under the pretext that it contradicts their customs and traditions!

We do not know the contents of such customs, traditions and heritage that are hostile to everything beautiful.  What is the harm in seeing a tree with colorful lights that delights the psyche of those who look at it – whether a child, a young man or a young woman, man or woman?

We used to see Christmas trees in the oil city of Ahmadi, in front of Jashanmal Store in Safat Square, and in churches whenever we go to greet our brothers in humanity who belong to the Christian faith; that is, before God afflicted us with the likes of our puritanical, eclectic and hateful fundamentalists.

Those who belong to the Christian religion invented electricity, cars, air conditioning, fixed and mobile phones, and thousands of goods that no fundamentalist or anyone else can live without.  Why did they not ban their use, or is it because these and other commodities are not in conflict with their customs or traditions?!!

Here, we have the right to ask: Why the thefts of public money, which we hear about daily, do not contradict the customs and traditions of the fundamentalists?

What I fear most is that these fundamentalists believe in a principle I heard more than once from their affiliates — theft of public money is not considered a crime within their principles and the jurisprudence of some, rather they think that whoever steals public money owns part of it. 

That is, every Kuwaiti has the right to even a small portion of the public money.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 17148 times!

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