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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

I WAS in the first batch of students from Kuwait who went to France on scholarship during the 1960s after the war for Algerian independence from France.

At that time the Arabs particularly those from North Africa were seen as social outcasts, unpleasant people. They roamed the alleyways where immoral practices were rampant, particularly the noted Pigalle district where Arabs were looked upon as carpet hawkers living in small towns and villages.

Since the reputation of Arabs was extremely bad at that time, we introduced ourselves as either Iranians or Turks, particularly to women, because France looked upon the Shah of Iran with a glow of appreciation – a liberal emperor who had married Lady ‘Farah Diba’ who was studying in France. Moreover, the markets of Tehran promoted the fashion world of Paris.

So, how did the Arabs change their ways and instead of visiting pubs and frequenting cabaret houses made a beeline to the mosques and Islamic centers? How did the criminal minds of the Arabs developed from cruelty and beating women to suicide bombers like what we witnessed in Paris and Brussels?

Some blame the deterioration in the behavior of these Arabs on petrodollars. For example, US President Barack Obama in his new creed says the Islam of Malaysia was moderate when he was living among them but now the Malaysians are following the radical Islam.

I think the same petrodollars have changed the creed of the North Africans who live in the Francophone countries. Now they have become frequent visitors of Islamic centers where they are brainwashed into killing others particularly those who have continued to walk the road to notorious places.

Therefore, they consider the Christians, the Jews, the Shiites, and people who follow other doctrines as atheists (because they do not tow their line) and so it is better to kill them even through suicide bombing in spite of the fact that Islam forbids suicide.

Therefore, all those who have planted the spirit of hatred in others should fear Allah and bury the hatred within themselves and leave the people alone.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli – Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 6644 times!

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