Second-row leaders eyed in govt offices

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KUWAIT CITY, May 16: In an attempt to solve the problem of vacant leadership and supervisory positions and the difficulty of some parties in filling these vacancies, relevant sources revealed a new government program concerned with qualifying national cadres to occupy leadership positions and ensuring the presence of a second row of leaders in various positions in all ministries and government departments, reports Al-Qabas daily. They explained that the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is working on preparing a training program on the way to prepare second-row leaders in the various government agencies. The training program, which is scheduled to be held soon, will be directed to assistant undersecretaries in government agencies and the like in order to introduce them to the most important modern methods for preparing second-row leaders in the authorities for which they are responsible.

During the last period, hundreds of supervisory and leadership positions were vacant, which left a huge void in its administrative structure. Governmental monitoring reports revealed that only 19 government agencies out of 64 affiliated or independent agencies have more than 1,000 supervisory positions with all their gradations. This was due to the exit of a large number of leaders to enjoy the benefits of retirement, which revealed the importance of the presence of the second rank of leaders in the ministries. The sudden retirement of leaders without the presence of second rank leaders who are capable of assuming responsibility led to the vacancies of such high numbers of jobs, and the inability of the authorities to bridge it easily.

The State Audit Bureau, in a previous report, had stressed the need to occupy supervisory positions, and take the necessary measures in accordance with the provisions of CSC’s decision, especially since they were occupied by delegation for long periods in a several government agencies, which may cause weak internal control for the authority because those delegated to the tasks of other supervisory positions bear a large burden. One of the reasons behind not filling the vacancies for leadership and supervisory positions was the government’s desire to occupy these positions with non-traditional leaders who are able to translate their action plan.

This requires leaders with economic thinking to keep pace with the process of change taking place at the economic and political levels regionally and locally. The sources said the recent period witnessed CSC’s rejection of a number of applicants to assume positions due to the lack of required qualifications for those positions, adding that this happened due to the neglect of some government agencies to prepare and train their employees to assume supervisory positions before they become vacant.

This news has been read 12463 times!

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