Scammers Defrauding Victims with Fake Loans in Kuwait Arrested

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 19:  The General Department of Security Relations and Media has announced a significant crackdown on criminal activities aimed at protecting the law and apprehending wrongdoers. The General Department of Criminal Investigation, specifically the Money Crimes Department, has successfully identified and apprehended two networks consisting of eight individuals of various nationalities. These individuals were involved in electronic scams targeting unsuspecting victims.

Following the acquisition of the required legal authorization, these suspects were apprehended. It was discovered that they had been deceiving individuals by promising personal loans within 48 hours of application submission. In exchange for this promise, victims were lured into opening multiple bank accounts, which they then handed over to the criminals. Subsequently, the perpetrators exploited these bank accounts for unlawful activities and fraudulent transactions.

Another criminal group was also dismantled during this operation. This group operated in a highly organized manner, collaborating with individuals outside the borders of Kuwait through a smartphone application. Under the guise of a website called “Ministry of Commerce – Consumer Protection,” they defrauded people by creating bank payment links for nominal amounts, all while offering assistance in filing commercial complaints. Once the victims interacted with these fraudulent websites, their personal information was compromised, and the criminals exploited their bank accounts for illicit purposes.

During the operation, numerous devices, multiple bank cards, and phone numbers belonging to unrelated individuals used in fraudulent activities were confiscated. All of these items have been turned over to the relevant authorities for further action.

The public is strongly urged to exercise caution and refrain from engaging with applications or websites of unknown origin or dubious credibility to protect themselves from falling victim to fraud and scams.

This news has been read 4671 times!

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