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Scammer calling to verify documents from Kuwait ministries

Could you offer an opinion/ advice on the following:

I have been getting calls from persons claiming to be from various ministries, instructing that documentation is required to be verified and memberships of different groups are required, with statement of “it must be completed within 48 hours (with a high cost) or legal repercussion will follow (arrest, prison, deportation, fines, public prosecution etc.)”.

The calls sometimes come with the +965 prefix or as UNKNOWN, the caller states that they are from one department or other departments within various Kuwait ministries. I have now got to the point that after all the threats, I have no money left and what pay I receive each month is sent to them.

I am at the point of going to the MOI to see if a case against these persons should be filed, however if true then the issue may get worse.

I do truly believe in my heart that the Kuwaiti people who work in the ministries would not make threats like this. I do hope that you can advise me on this soon, as they want another amount of money. I am sorry to trouble you on this, but I may have gotten tied up in a scam.

Name withheld

Answer: In the first place you were very wrong in parting with monies to these faceless callers who are nothing but scammers, pure and simple. We advise that you put an immediate stop to such payments and also make a report to the nearest police station armed with documents concerning such payment made in the past. Granting that your documents needed to be checked should that involve paying monies under duress? Defi- nitely not but if it turns out to be so, people involved in that must be brought to book.

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