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Save your people the burden and troubles of traveling

THE fundamentalist activists among MPs and other tailors of ‘fatwas’, as well as extremists of repulsive eclecticism, have given us headache for days – as usual with trivial and insignificant issues. They turned the world upside down just because of a simple new technological tool that surpassed their thinking and never had in mind for centuries.

This tool, an advanced 3D camera, can produce a three-dimensional portrait of yourself with the same shape, body, clothes and any size you want. Seeing the results of the tool, this coterie thought Kuwait has become a breeding ground for idols. For anyone with a sharp mind, idols are those worshiped by individuals during the pre-historic era, before the heavenly religions emerged – the last of which is Islam.

However, the 3D portrait of a person – son, daughter, wife or mother – is just a figure that people put on display like pictures. People do not worship such figures or compare them with God’s creation – the thinking, conscious, walking, sleeping and eating human being. This is a comparison or analogy with a difference, but with whom are we talking. Will they hear me if I call?

When a very sober member of the coterie closed the ‘Quraish idols of Kuwait’ file, he focused on another issue; no less shallow and trivial than the idols. The issue is about massage centers, saying that some massage centers have reached a dangerous level in terms of decadence and vice. He pointed out that the so-called Negative Phenomena Committee discussed this detestable phenomenon, lack of procedure in the Interior Ministry, unwillingness of other parties to cooperate in suspending and withdrawing licenses of those proven to have violated rules, and banning massage services except in medical clinics provided a monitoring system is in place.

We say to the MP, you are right and let the envious go to hell! Did the hill of problems and corruption troubles in Kuwait prompt you to focus on massage centers that are in every country around the world including the GCC countries which Kuwait is a part of? We, the citizens, have been living on this land since the day we were born. We did not come from outside and we are not newcomers. Not a single day passed without hearing the stories you are telling. We do not know where you are taking such stories.

There are massage centers for men and others for women. Men do not mix with women. Men are not welcome in women’s massage centers and vice versa. So, from where are you receiving this information? We hope you will publish that information, especially for our young men and women who spend days and nights in South East Asian countries because the ropes of massage centers there are loose, as they imagined in Kuwait.

Let us spare their money and their energy to be used in their country Kuwait, whilst in their homeland and among their people. God willing, it shall be accomplished at your command?!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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