‘Saudi summit … a silver lining in the Arab-Arab relations’

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“THE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the safe haven for the Arabs. It would not be possible to talk about the Arab summit, which was held last Friday, without referring to the endeavor of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because Riyadh works according to a vision based on zeroing on Arab problems and crises, keeping in mind the stability which forms the basis for development that every Arab aspires to,” columnist and CEO of the Arab Times and Al-Seyassah newspapers Sattam Ahmed Al-Jarallah wrote for the daily.

Sattam Al Jarallah

“On this basis the efforts were exerted by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, for the success of the summit, because he had realized from the beginning that development in the Arab world can only take place through stability and normal and healthy relations among all peoples of the region, and that the future cannot be prosperous in light of the crises that afflict the Arab world, and the consequences we all are witness to during the past three decades. For everyone to be a winner is much better than losing one team on points at the expense of another.

“This year has culminated in a series of great efforts and activities, whether in terms of internal development, the consolidation of social stability in the Kingdom, or at the regional level through an agreement with Iran, and the dismantling of hotbeds of tension created by Tehran over four decades in the past, especially after the Iranian leadership realized that there is no solution to the crises in the region except through an agreement with Saudi Arabia, as the Arab and Islamic incubator, and that stability in relations with Riyadh can undoubtedly be reflected in the rest of the region.

“During the last Arab summit, there were a number of files that Riyadh worked on, and with the efforts of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, it succeeded in resolving them, and the most important of which is the return of Syria to the Arab embrace, as part of a package of measures that will undoubtedly lead to more regional stability.

“Syria’s return to the Arab fold and the world at large can be considered a cornerstone of joint Arab action and the activation of all regional development agreements that have been collecting dust in the drawers over the past decade.

“All credit goes to the Saudi leadership and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and at the same time who spearheaded efforts to bring the Syrian leadership to the Arab fold, in the midst of events unfolding as President Bashar Al-Assad asserted in his speech to the leaders at the summit saying ‘Syria’s past, present, and future is Arabism, and that Syria’s Arab affiliation is constant and does not change’.

“There is no doubt that this position is what every Syrian feels – bonding with the Arab nation, which cannot be well unless all countries bode well. It goes without saying that the recent summit is a major turning point in Arab- Arab relations, and efforts must continue to purify the Arab atmosphere.

“There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia, with its great position, regionally and internationally, and above all in the Arab world, is able to play this role with great success in light of a vision characterized by action for the future.”

This news has been read 172171 times!

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