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Monday , September 26 2022

Saudi steadfastness … smack in Iran, wail in Yemen

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IT was not surprising that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia quickly surmounted the crisis caused by the terrorist attack on the cities of Buqayq and Kharees. The Kingdom repaired damages caused by the drones that Iranians used to attack it. In fact, it was surprising for those who expected the Kingdom to suffer for long months and unable to fix the damages within a short period.

It is safe to consider that the quick repair of damages caused by the terrorist attack is the first response to those striving to weaken the Kingdom. This is due to the fact that, according to their calculation, a long time is needed to fix such damages. They would have used this to affirm their delusional thought of being able to affect the Kingdom and destabilize it.

All these calculations proved to be wrong and made the regime in Iran incur losses in its expectation. Actually, these calculations backfired. Instead of benefiting from its crime, Iran found itself facing more sanctions imposed by the US which include blacklisting the Central Bank of Iran. This is more painful than any of the previous sanctions.

In addition, the international condemnation of the terrorist attack intensified in order to prove the level of isolation this terrorist regime is living; as well as the rising tone of the international community demanding for heavy military presence to counter Iran’s threats to global stability and security.

Undoubtedly, retaliation to this kind of terrorist act is not limited to the Kingdom as it includes the security of global energy.

Based on this, the United Nations (UN) member states are cautiously looking into Iranian President Hassan Rohani’s proposal which he calls “regional cooperation plan for peace.” In his proposal, he attributes ‘insecurity’ in the Gulf to the presence of foreign forces.

This move makes the world wonder how it can trust Iran if it sees the one hampering oil supplies and destabilizing security of vital regions is the same person claiming, as per his words, that his “country is ready to extend a hand of friendship to all neighbors and forgive their past mistakes.”

This is the attitude of the wicked who is vaunting his hostility, while being vindicated. This is considered retaliation to an action which did not occur in the first place.

Iran’s ‘amicable’ attitude comes at a time head of the Revolutionary Guard Hussein Sulami threatened to wage an all-out war if Iran is attacked, and that its forces are ready to fight under any given scenario.

These contradictions are clear indications that Iran lacks a single administration. In addition, rhetoric and threats will not be beneficial considering the international community has already made its mind.

Sanctions will continue to intensify. Systematic disciplinary steps aimed at undermining the Iranian terrorist system in the region will continue through known or unknown parties. The main objective is to chop off the terrorist limbs in Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

In light of all these facts, Tehran clearly realizes it is in its final episode of the already lost confrontation it is engaging in. The objective of its wailing affiliates in Yemen has been exposed – to divert attention from the actual picture of the Mullah regime which continues to prove day by day that it is responsible for the terrorist attack on the Kingdom.

In fact, the empty talks made others accessories to the crime based on the principle that they are striving to bear the sins instead of the culprit. Nevertheless, all of these will not be beneficial to them. Therefore, Saudi’s steadfastness is like ‘Jabal Tuwaiq’ (narrow escarpment that cuts through the plateau of Najd in Central Arabia), while smacking in Iran has reached the sky amid the deafening wailing in Sanaa.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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