Saudi father forgives son’s killer days before execution

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Saudi father grants pardon to son’s killer, inspires compassion amid Ramadan.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, April 7: In a remarkable display of forgiveness, Saudi citizen Ati Al Maliki from Makkah has extended a pardon to the convicted killer of his son, Abdullah. The pardon, granted just days before the scheduled execution slated for April 17, came without any request for compensation in return.

The touching moment was captured in a viral video, where Al Maliki publicly announced his decision to forgive Shaher Dhaifallah Al Harithi, the young perpetrator. The act of clemency, showcased amid the holy month of Ramadan, resonated deeply with viewers.

The announcement drew a crowd around Al Maliki, who expressed admiration and gratitude for his act of compassion. This heartfelt scene unfolded on the night of the 27th of Ramadan, a significant period often associated with the blessed Night of Power.

The incident has sparked widespread praise on social media platforms, with many commending Al Maliki’s demonstration of forgiveness and empathy. In Saudi Arabia, individuals convicted of premeditated murder typically face death sentences unless pardoned by the victim’s relatives, with or without compensation.

Al Maliki’s act of mercy serves as a powerful reminder of the values of forgiveness and compassion, especially during this sacred time of reflection and spiritual renewal.

This news has been read 1654 times!

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