Safety Violations Lead to Closure of 3 Factories in Ahmadi

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The Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, under the leadership of Lieutenant General Khaled Al-Mekrad, has taken decisive action by closing down three factories in the Al-Ahmadi and Sabhan regions. The reason for this administrative closure was the factories’ failure to comply with safety and fire prevention requirements, especially given their storage of chemicals and highly flammable liquids. These closures were enforced after the factories were given sufficient notices and warnings to rectify the violations.

The public relations department of the force emphasized that these closure decisions are part of a broader initiative. The inspection teams have been conducting thorough campaigns on commercial and investment buildings, as well as industrial plots and factories, to ensure compliance with safety measures. The primary objective behind these inspections is to safeguard the community’s security and well-being.

In light of these recent closures, the Department of Public Relations and Information issued a call to all owners and tenants of factories, industrial plots, and commercial and investment buildings. They are urged to proactively implement safety requirements and promptly address any violations to prevent facing administrative closure in the future. By doing so, they can play an essential role in contributing to the overall safety and security of the community.

This news has been read 7265 times!

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