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Thursday , March 23 2023

SAB criticizes MoC for ‘ignoring’ mandatory audit results of IMO

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Move to hit country’s classification in quality, efficiency index

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 16: The State Audit Bureau revealed that the Ministry of Communications has not completed the necessary procedures to avoid the observations highlighted in the results of the mandatory audit on the State of Kuwait by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which affects the country’s classification in the quality and efficiency index of countries in the field of maritime transport, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a recent report, the bureau affirmed that, “By reviewing the results of the mandatory audit of maritime transport services by the International Maritime Organization, it became clear that the country’s classification in the index of the state’s efficiency and quality in the field of maritime transport might be affected. This note is in the report for the 2019/2020 fiscal year”.

The bureau explained that, despite highlighting the observations, some of them continue to persist, such as the lack of development and implementation of observations and monitoring program for all statistical data, as well as the lack of all appropriate beach facilities for radar communications services to send navigational warnings (SOS), and the lack of sufficient number of personnel with marine expertise to contribute in passing necessary national laws. The observations contained in the results of the IMO’s mandatory audit, which the ministry did not sort to rectify, will expose the country to preventing the state’s naval fleet from entering the ports of other countries due to its connection with international laws, stopping all state ports from receiving commercial ships, and subjecting the ships to extensive inspection or seizure at foreign ports, or delaying their entry to ports and unloading their cargo, which will result in huge material losses

According to the bureau, the IMO made it clear in its report that the observations to be addressed are the lack of appropriate legislation or guidelines to ensure that the maritime administration implements the requirements of the Bulk Cargo Storage Code. Among the procedures that the country may be exposed to is the non-accreditation of marine certificates issued by the maritime administrations to ships, something that raises its flag when visiting foreign ports.

The bureau called for the need to commit to addressing the results of the mandatory audit program established by the International Maritime Organization and adhering to the standards of maritime safety and protection of the marine environment in order to avoid the country being subjected to a downgrade in the quality and efficiency index of countries in the field of maritime transport. Regarding the mechanism of corrective measures as a result of the observations, an informed source revealed that there is a deadline given to the country to correct the legislative, technical and legal conditions based on the report of the international observers of IMO, adding that, in the event that the observations are not addressed, the penalties mentioned in the accounting report will be imposed on the country.

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