Russia summons the American ambassador over a deadly attack that Moscow says used US-made missiles

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In this image provided by the US Army, soldiers, from the 3rd Battalion, 321st Field Artillery Regiment of the 18th Field Artillery Brigade out of Fort Bragg NC, conduct live fire testing at White Sands Missile Range, NM on Dec 14, 2021, of early versions of the Army Tactical Missile System. (AP)

MOSCOW, June 24, (AP): The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the American ambassador on Monday to protest what it says was the use of US-made advanced missiles in a Ukrainian attack on Russian-annexed Crimea that reportedly killed four people and wounded more than 150.
Washington “has effectively become a party” to the war on Ukraine’s side, the ministry said in a statement, adding, “Retaliatory measures will certainly follow.” It did not elaborate.
There was no immediate comment from US or Ukrainian officials. The Associated Press could not independently verify Russia’s claims about the missiles used.
Kyiv’s forces have relied heavily on Western-supplied weaponry since Russia’s invasion more than three years ago. The military aid has been crucial in allowing Ukraine to hold the Kremlin’s army at bay, with few major changes along the 1,000-kilometer (620-mile) front line in eastern and southern Ukraine for many months.
Some Western countries have hesitated over providing more – and more sophisticated – help for Kyiv’s army because of concerns about potentially provoking the Kremlin. But as Ukraine has at times struggled to hold the line against Russia’s bigger and better-equipped military, Western leaders have gradually relented and granted more support.
In the latest key development, the Pentagon said last week that Ukraine’s military is being allowed to use longer-range missiles provided by the US to strike targets inside Russia if it is acting in self-defense. Since the outset of the war, the US had maintained a policy of not allowing Ukraine to use the weapons it provided to hit targets on Russian soil for fear of further escalating the conflict.

This news has been read 343 times!

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