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Thursday , October 6 2022

Rumors of Kuwait TV correspondent in Paris rejected

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: The Ministry of Information denied rumors about a female Kuwaiti television correspondent in Paris who allegedly continues receive salary from the ministry even if she is not working and that she received salaries unjustly so she was referred for investigation, reports Al-Rai daily.

An official source from the ministry clarified in a press statement that the ministry has a contract with the Associated Press — a foreign news agency, and it is not linked to any contract with the aforementioned correspondent.

The source disclosed the ministry pays the agency as per the reports requested from the agency and its need for news releases, noting there is no direct contract with the abovementioned correspondent. The source added the ministry’s contracts with news companies that provide newsletters and news correspondents stipulate the need for correspondents to strictly follow all professional conditions, affirming that administrative procedures are taken in case of violation.

The source confirmed the ministry’s commitment to maintain fruitful and constructive cooperation with various agencies in the service of the nation and its people

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