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Monday , November 29 2021

Roaring business at sweet shops

KUWAIT CITY, April 17: If there is a season when sweets are desired all the time, it is the Ramadan season. Because of this, sweet stores witness a great momentum and a high turnout of shoppers during this month, reports Al- Qabas daily. There are many dishes and dietary habits that are associated with Ramadan, particularly sweets. The Ramadan tables are hardly devoid of one or more sweet dishes. The daily toured some confectionery shops to observe their activities especially the way they serve customers, amid preventive health measures in terms of organizing the entry of customers, and making sure they wear masks.

Some stores also receive online reservations and requests during the month of Ramadan through their apps and Instagram accounts. Delivery and advertising services are provided, along with special offers for Ramadan sweets to attract customers. The daily noticed an increase in the demand for sweets and pastries despite the exceptional circumstances that the country is witnessing for the second year in a row, which changed the aspects of public life in an unprecedented way and led to the absence of many familiar aspects during this month as well.

According to shop owners, the prices of Ramadan sweets have not changed from normal days. There are new items that consumers are not familiar with. There is an increasing demand for home delivery service instead of visiting the stores. They affirmed the commitment of all workers in the confectionery shops to the requirements of the suppliers and delivery services for the safety of everyone. The shops are competing in presenting “Ramadan deals” in modern shapes and designs, which are among the most important social customs that indicate the interconnectedness of families and neighbors in the holy month.

The home quarantine and social distancing measures imposed by the government with the aim of controlling the spread of COVID-19 have not deterred women from mastering sweets and showing their talents instead of buying them readymade from the sweets shops for fear of the spread of infection. Social media witnessed a remarkable activity of those wishing to market their Ramadan sweets and attract customers through women’s projects, some of which specialize in Eid sweets. This has made these home projects a strong competitor for the wellknown stores, thanks to the assortments of homemade sweets they offer. It was also noticed that the bookings to buy sweets through online platforms have increased by 32 percent. Various Kuwaiti families affirmed that they exchange gifts for sweets in light of COVID-19 and the partial curfew, and these gifts are considered as an alternative to making visits.

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