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Revise salary scale for public sector employees

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: MP Muhamad Al-Huwaila submitted a proposal to open outlets for selling locally produced vegetables, especially in the new areas. He suggested increasing the subsidy for Kuwaiti farm owners and reducing the fees for them; including water, electricity, work permit renewal and others.

MP Hesham Al-Saleh submitted a proposal for the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) and Kuwait Municipality to lay down a plan for the development of bus stops for the benefit of commuters, to beautify the roads, and to guarantee public safety and security. He recommended allowing the private sector to participate in the project in exchange for allocating the front part of bus stops for private companies to put up commercial advertisements.

MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji submitted a proposal for the government to revise the salary scale for public sector employees. He called for enforcing the strategic alternative salary scale, push for the recruitment of nationals who graduated recently, and suspend the employment of expatriates in public institutions except those with rare fields of specialization and if none of the nationals who applied for the post is qualified. He suggested setting the maximum salary for senior officials at KD5,000. He stressed that the salaries of those with lower positions must not be affected by this step.

Furthermore, Rapporteur of the parliamentary Youth and Sports Affairs Committee MP Mubarak Al- Arow disclosed that the committee had a meeting with representatives of the Public Authority for Youth and Sports, Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) and Ministry of Interior on Sunday. He said they discussed the bill submitted by Committee Chairman MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji on sports professionalism. He added the bill aims to find solutions to the problems of sports clubs and associations regarding the issuance of entry visas and residency permits for foreign professional athletes and sports crew including coaches, doctors and natural therapists.

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