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Resigned from company still not found job – Residence transfer issue

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I had resigned from my current company in February 2017 as I had got an offer from another company and had to join there within a month, but my boss didn’t release me and told me to complete my resignation period of 3 months and which I did. Now it will be 3 months since I left from my current company and I am still looking out for job. My residence is valid till end of October 2017. My boss is telling me that if I don’t transfer my residence by 31.07.2017 then he will cancel my residence and take me to court.

Name withheld

Answer: Your boss was within his rights to insist that you completed the three-month notification period. As you indicated it will soon be three months since you left your job but continued to be on the residence of your former company became you have not had a new job.

To be fair to your old company, we think they have been generous in keeping you on their residence for almost three months after your resignation.

Our advice to you is that you should meet your boss again and appeal to him to give you more time on compassionate grounds to look for a new company to affect the visa transfer. If the boss accepts your plea, we again advise that you put your act together to make sure that you effect the visa transfer within the time frame your boss would have given you.

On the other hand if the boss rejects your plea, the only alternative left for you is to wind up your activities in Kuwait and make sure that you leave the country in order not to fall foul with the laws of Kuwait.

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