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I am an Indian citizen whose employment contract is with Kuwait based petroleum company from 16 Dec, 2019. Within one month, I resigned from my position on 13th Jan, 2020. First my manager rejected my application then I was emailed to HRD. Two days later they responded by calling me at HO. HR manager asked me why I resigned and I told him my wife had psychiatric disorder problem — and few days ago she was tensed and the consultant advised me to return home and stay with her.

My visa expired on 20th Jan, 2020. HR told me I have to exit on or before 20th January. But, when asked on the expired date, HR told me that they extended the date. Now they are asking me to buy air ticket, and they are paying me only 13 days outstanding salary with food allowance while I worked till 20th. Can you please advise whether I will get paid 100 days salary and return air fare or not.

Name withheld

Answer: You can’t be paid 100 days salary because you have not worked 100 days for the company and if anything to go by you should rather be asked to pay the company 3 months salary in lieu of the 3-month notice period the law mandates you to work for the company before your resignation becomes effective. To be blunt with you, you don’t have any demands to make on the company and should they give you a return ticket to your country, this should be considered as done on compassionate grounds and not something that you deserve as of right.

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This news has been read 17677 times!

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