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Fauziya Abul , Fowzia Abul

DESPITE ongoing developments in Kuwait, as well as the regional and global spectra; minimal change is observed in the methods adopted by a force or another. This is in spite of the promises that some made, whether in the constituents, institutions, political faction or even the civil society.

In most cases, all that we find are reactions to a government stance or extensive debate on the performance of ministers, or we find press campaign concerning corruption and the necessity of confronting it, etc but at the end, issues return to the initial stage in a blink of an eye or stances are changed based on considerations that have nothing to do with the promises given to citizens.

It is important to realize that the situation necessitates us to find a strategic frame and vision for the coming period. All the influential forces need to review their methods and media outlook in order to avoid being left behind and lose opportunities to present their programs and initiatives to cope with developments, although the concepts of review and renew differ based on the entity in hand.

With regard to the political force, the matter needs renewal of idea and ‘blood’, and letting go of ideas that have become obsolete and the ones which clashes with development of events.

With regard to civil society, some claim that work and development are restricted and there is exaggeration in this aspect.

Renewal of style and method can be achieved either through cultural work or the way scores of countries do in this regard, or through initiatives which serve humans and facilitate humanity aspects, like some of the past experiments or through social work, and the horizon is open for civil society to develop its work in every aspect.

However, when it comes to the role of sectors and institutions, questions need to be asked: Where is the needed renewal of elites and advisors? We find many proposals and ideas are presented through the press or social media, but we see no change happening on the ground in a manner that corresponds with modern needs.

Why not benefit from new age advisors and leaders who possess the ability to develop and improve performance by renewing ideas in this or that aspect?

Generally, the favorable circumstances of abilities that could spark the desired change are present, let alone the circumstances that would consolidate social, political and economic structures which can be implemented without giving valueless promises or without idolizing ideas that are impossible to implement in various aspects, if not all.

By Fauziya Abul

This news has been read 6059 times!

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