Renew residence of over 60s … expats vital part of Kuwait economy

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“AFTER the extraction of oil in Kuwait, the expatriates participated in its renaissance, and they have played a major role since that period until the present day,” columnist Mohammad Ali Rasheed wrote for Al-Anba daily.

“We do not wish to talk about the history of their arrival and emigration from their countries, but we would like to highlight their participation in the development of ancient and modern Kuwait, and fairness to them and their rights, especially those who consider Kuwait part of them and another homeland, and more.

“The expatriates are divided into several sections. The first is the merchant category, which we believe should be considered by the state, as they are participants in the development and investment in the Kuwaiti economy. “The second section is university graduates who hold various higher qualifications including doctors, pharmacists, engineers and teachers who work in the public and private sectors, and other university qualifications whose residence in the country varies for many years. The state is gradually replacing the holders of these qualifications with citizens for workers in government agencies as needed.

“The other section is represented by the technicians and professionals who work in the commercial and professional activities of Kuwaiti companies in the private sector, and it is difficult to dispense with them except in the case of rehabilitating the citizens in those trades in the local market.

“These expats of all sections that are mentioned make up nearly four million people with their families, who may feel disappointed and dissatisfied during this period, especially after and during the ‘Corona’ period. “Unfortunately, a minority of citizens say that the expatriates should be deported and replaced with citizens, regardless of the type of rare professions. They coexisted with us and we coexisted with them, and we citizens have to think a little about the psyche of the expatriate and their feelings of insecurity and reassurance, and on the other hand we see that we still need them, and it was a ‘fortiori’ for the state to invest in them and their families as they are part of the community.

“We hear a lot of expats in light of the government’s thinking about changing some laws do not feel safe, and they consider their loyalty to this state as second homeland. They were born, raised, studied and worked here. They may almost go to their countries as tourists, and spend one to two months there as tourists only to return to their second homeland, Kuwait.

“Just as they go to restaurants and shop in malls as citizens and occupy a large percentage of investment residential buildings as our residence, this in itself encourages the economic investment of the country. “Please consider assessing the status of active residents and without confusing real expatriates with marginal employees – victims of visa traders. “Also consider the renewal of residence permits for those over sixty years of age because many of them are suffering due to the current situation.”

This news has been read 80564 times!

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