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Reject residence violators to amend their status

KUWAIT CITY, Mar 27: MP Abdullah Al-Kandari has rejected the decision of the Ministry of Interior’s to grant residence violators to amend their residency status and stay in the country.

In current circumstances where state spends millions to contain spread of coronavirus, MP Al-Kandari said that since the majority of illegal expats are marginal workers whose presence poses a danger to the society and we are having a rare golden opportunity to clean up the country from these violators by allowing them to leave the country.

He stated that by getting rid of residence violators who mainly are uneducated workers, we are reducing the risks of the spread of the corona virus as they least adhere to government instructions and measures taken to cope with the spread of the epidemic.

He pointed out that getting rid of violators at the present time is a essential and time to correct previous mistakes and negligence which has resulted in accumulating 160,000 illegal residents in Kuwait has come.

He stated that immediate deportation of all violators is a necessity with a possibility of returning again which will motivate them to leave.

Al-Kandari concluded his statements by saying that the fines that will be received from the violators is incomparable to high bill the government pays from the public funds in limiting the spread of the epidemic, warning that the survival of this group in the country may hinder efforts to confront the epidemic and raise the cost of confrontation.

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