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Thursday , December 1 2022

Reform hope in Jinan speech

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A truck carrying a quantity of watermelons overturned on a busy street in Baghdad! Some of those who were on their way to the mosque took some and put them in front of them and performed their prayers.

“Today I stand before you with my head high as I face the interrogation of contractors and companies, and I am facing the representatives of the nation, even the representatives of contractors and companies.

I stand before you proud of every decision I took to protect the rights of the state, and of every decision I took against corrupt companies, and proud that some of those who signed the proposal of confidence against me did so because I rejected their requests for supervisory and leadership appointments while being unfair to others who have no intermediary.

It also rejected requests to lift the suspension of specific companies. I am proud that I refused to accept payments to a troubled company, and I am proud because these names are the ones who signed the request of no-confidence against me .

I am proud that I saved the public money, and I performed my job and remained committed to the constitutional oath, but today some of those who signed the letter of confidence are proud that they put their names on the letter of confidence.

“From this podium, I announce my resignation because reform has become impossible. Unfortunately, companies are stronger in Abdullah Al Salem Hall than reform.”

This was the text of the speech of former Minister Jinan Boushehri, which shook part of the conscience of this nation at her interrogation session in 2019.

Some of those who signed a letter of confidence were at the head of the sit-in in the Assembly and their position reminded me of the behaviour of the worshippers, which was mentioned in the first paragraph in the article!

Her short and eloquent speech showed the depth of the gap that our democracy is complaining about and its need for revision.

The political situation we are living in is deteriorating very fast, and there is no hope that we will have enough real representatives, and even if we have some, their voices will sink in the noise of the majority and the government’s neutrality in the elections of the National Assembly and committees, which will produce the forces of backwardness and tribalism that will control the entire situation, and life will become hell, and the next few months are not even enough to clean the Parliament Building and dust away everything that dirties the nation, after its dissolution, in preparation for its opening again.

The proposed breathtaking period is not sufficient to change the situation for the benefit of the country. If the elections are held within the next few months, the result is known in advance, meaning the outcomes will be worse and we will return to the same cycle.

Therefore, we must know that Kuwait is a beautiful country, the easiest to govern and administer in the world, and the most prepared to advance and keep pace with peoples in their cultural, sports, technical and financial battles.

However we see the State slipping into chaos before our eyes with a strange acceleration into the abyss of extremism and backwardness in a manner we alone and perhaps the ‘Taliban’, represent the best fanatics in the world.

We really need to be careful and put in place a solid plan that includes a national project that will advance Kuwait away from squabbles, backwardness, tribal and sectarian fanaticism, and to believe that our destiny as a nation is much more important than democracy. If our fate is lost, democracy will follow suit. We need to take a breath and think wisely.

We need to close all religious, tribal and sectarian associations, and their public benefit associations, and confiscate their funds.

We need to prevent anyone from using any unconstitutional or illegal designations for the heads of gatherings, and preferably prevent their illegal existence, in the first place.

There is a need to redistribute the electoral districts, as the civilian areas are complaining of a serious decline in favor of others.

We need to sift through and update the entire school curricula, and other measures. The argument that it is necessary to adhere to the constitution does not seem logical, as long as its articles have been ignored, and I personally do not see a reason to hesitate to reorganize our affairs completely.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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