Reconnaissance, Becarre welcome 14 ambassadors and diplomats to cultural event

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KUWAIT CITY, March 13: Reconnaissance Research held an exclusive cultural event, attended by ambassadors and diplomats at Becarre Exhibition. Attendees explored Kuwaiti history through Becarre’s modern designs, touring the exhibition that displayed a number of modern-Kuwaiti interior pieces of decor.

Hussam Al-Rasheed and the Australian Ambassador

Reconnaissance Research was keen on introducing ambassadors and diplomats to Kuwait through designs that show its cultural, intellectual heritage, and unique aesthetic creatives. In a press statement, Sheikh Jaber Faisal Al-Sabah, Co Founder and Director at Becarre Exhibition Organizing Company, praised the efforts of Reconnaissance Research in providing various events that project Kuwait, it’s culture and views.

Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the State of Kuwait Chung, Byung-ha, Hussam Al-Rasheed, the Ambassador of Tunisia and the Ambassador of Jordan and the Canadian Ambassador

Sheikh Jaber said : “Becarre aims to show aspects of our Kuwaiti culture and heritage, then presenting it in a new innovative context for the modern generation. In addition to showing Kuwaiti talents who created the creative , quality, and elegant items, which allowed the Kuwaiti products to be capable of competing with international counterparts,”.

Sheikh Jaber Faisal with Chinese Chargé d’Affaires and the Ambassador of the Republic of India

He added: “We would love to see Becarre’s name spread everywhere whether in international hotels, museums.. etc. The Kuwaiti heritage is almost identical in many aspects with the Gulf heritage, where we offer products that reflect what we witnessed and experienced when we were young, and present them in a beautiful and innovative way.” For his part, Abdulaziz Al-Anjeri, Founder and CEO of Reconnaissance Research, praised the work of Becarre, stressing that the tour of the exhibition caught the eye of the ambassadors of Oman, France, Iraq, Korea, Jordan, Australia, Tunisia, India, Sudan, Italy, and Canada. In addition to the Chargé d’Affaires of the Chinese ambassador, the Chargé d’Affaires of Uzbekistan and the Egyptian embassy delegation.

The Omani Ambassador, Sheikh Jaber Faisal, Hussam Al-Rasheed, Iraqi Ambassador and the Sudanese Ambassador

Speaking about the evening, Al- Anjeri said: “Cultural events have a major role in deepening friendship between people and introducing them to positive aspects in Kuwait that deserve more attention. They also contribute to the consolidation of relations with diplomatic missions by opening wider areas for Cooperation, so we get out of the stagnation and limited horizons of political files into a broader space. Art is the face of the any country, and it must be taken care of and highlighted as a societal necessity.”

Sheikh Jaber Faisal – French Ambassador – Italian Ambassador – Hussam Al-Rasheed

He continued: “Let us build more positive bridges of communication with the ambassadors of the countries with whom Kuwait has diplomatic relations, as part of our efforts to enhance the mutual cultural movement, and I can only thank the organizers of the Becarre exhibition, Sheikh Jaber Al-Faisal and Hussam Al-Rasheed for the high organization and quality of the evening’s content in all its details.” In turn, the Becarre company’s designer, Hussam Al-Rasheed, stressed the importance Becarre has on simplicity, quality, and luxury in its products, stressing that his designs came from his love for creativity, and keenness to visit the annual exhibitions in Europe to be up to date on what the latest style trends are in the world of decoration, then mix the current modernity with history of Kuwait. “I cooperate with Sheikh Jaber Faisal Al-Sabah. We have a workshop to make our collection. I personally supervise creating and displaying our products in several international and regional exhibitions in Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Saudi Arabia. Since the first exhibition, we have found a great turnout and we aspire to expand further internationally,”

Sheikh Jaber Faisal and Hussam Al-Rasheed, and the delegation of the Egyptian Embassy in the presence of the wife of His Excellency the Egyptian Ambassador

Al-Rasheed concluded. The cultural evening included a display of paintings and innovative pieces of furniture, deeply embracing the authentic Kuwaiti heritage touches, made locally in Kuwaiti workshops and inspired by the ideas of the designer of Becarre Exhibition Hussam Al-Rasheed.

Part of the exhibition.

This news has been read 10733 times!

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