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‘Reappointing unwelcome ministers to stir upheaval’ – MPs protest govt boycott of Parliament

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 25: Several former MPs protested the Government’s boycott of Parliament for nearly one month, affirming the need to continue the political and parliamentary activities, reports Al-Anba daily. At a recent symposium titled (this is not how a country is run) held in the Diwaniya of former spokesperson of the National Assembly Ahmed Al-Sa’adoun, participants rejected any move to reappoint ministers who are not welcomed by the people; stressing such an act could incite crisis.

In this context, former MP Bader Al- Dahoum affirmed the current regional situation does not require pacification but a Government keen on sustaining the interests of the country and its citizens. He asserted the then Government avoided interpellation and resorted to suspending the Constitution, which adversely affected the nation prior to the Iraqi invasion, and later realized that no country is strong without unity among its people”.

Al-Dahoum rejected taking the current regional situation as an excuse to suspend the political life, noting the country is not safe even in its normal state due to lack of law enforcement and questioning, and in case the new government includes ministers who are unwelcome by citizens, it’ll be tagged a crises seeking government.

Meanwhile, Al-Sa’adoun criticized HH the Prime Minister’s boycott of Parliament for one month, and called for the pro-reform MPs to grill the premier on this pivot. He noted the MPs in support of the recent sport law are committing a crime against Kuwait.

Former MP Abdullatif Al-Omairi said the Government is diverting the attention of citizens from the proposed Value Added Tax (VAT) to reduce salaries and other benefits under the illusion of an unstable regional situation. He stressed it’s not acceptable to invade the life of citizens for any reason. He wondered why the government, which adopted one-man onevote system and described it as the best electoral system, will depict the MPs who reached the Parliament through the same electoral system as crises-makers. “This reveals the extent at which the government lacks proper planning”, he said.

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