Realization of Franklin’s prophecy, and Arabs are insulting each other

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah

BENJAMIN Franklin, who is one of the founding fathers of the United States, was ahead of his time when, during the Constitutional Convention held in 1787 in Philadelphia, he identified one of the greatest crises that Americans would later face if the new constitution did not stipulate preventing Jews from entering the United States.

The late president said, “There is a great danger for the United States of America, which is the Jews. In every land where the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty.

If the Jews are not excluded within two hundred years, our children will be working in the field to feed the Jews while they remain in the counting houses, gleefully rubbing their hands. I warn you, if you do not exclude the Jews forever, your children and your children’s children will curse you in their graves.

They will not adopt our ideals even if they lived among us for ten generations. The Jews are a danger to this country if they are allowed freedom to enter. They will destroy our institutions, so they must be enslaved according to the text of the constitution.”

This prophecy was not a figment of the imagination of this American thinker who struggled alongside George Washington and others to unify the United States.

Therefore, after about 90 years, the American capital Washington began to function according to what the Jews requested because they realized from the beginning that the formula of cantons that existed in Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and others will not give them security, control, or influence. They hence worked to acquire financial power, and took up professions that were light in weight but expensive in value.

On the other hand, the Jewish issue was preoccupying the Europeans and putting pressure on governments. Each of them was trying to address it in its own way.

At that time, the most vocal enemy of British Jews was Arthur Balfour, who announced his law in 1905 to ban Jews from entering Britain, and followed it 12 years later with its famous promise, adopting Napoleon Bonaparte’s declaration, to establish a Jewish state in Palestine so that Europe could get rid of their headache.

During the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956 when Jamal Abdul Nasser decided to nationalize the Suez Canal, although this decision was a strategic mistake, and its negative effects appeared days later, it was still an opportunity for Washington to show that it is the only superpower in the world, while the Soviet ally of Egypt had no choice but to protest.

Eisenhower’s declaration of the necessity to stop the aggression came, forcing the British, French, and Israeli forces to withdraw from Port Said and the lands they occupied at that time.

This American paradigm shift led to more immigration of Jewish scholars and financiers to the United States. The influence of the Zionist lobby (AIPAC) increased more than ever before.

Today, when we look at the European and American positions on the brutal Israeli aggression on Gaza, we realize that the creation of influence begins with domination of the financial and media industry, and research and university education institutions in any country.

That is why Europeans today fear the return of the Jews to their countries. Franklin’s prophecy has come true and has become a nightmare for everyone in the West.

The Arabs and Palestinians have not worked in their history to build soft power, like the one that Zionism currently has. Therefore, Israel will continue to enjoy power and influence, while the Arabs will continue to assert their rights, be content with statements, and insult each other.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 1803 times!

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