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Thursday , October 28 2021

‘Realistic solutions’ for Palestinian case

PERHAPS, the clearest summary which could capture the Arab condition that started with the Palestinian case is what former German foreign minister Sigmar Hartmut Gabriel said in July last year during his visit to Qatar’s capital, Doha.

At the time, Sigmar pointed out, “The Arab world constitutes five percent of the global population but 60 percent of the refugees in the world are from Arab countries and 50 percent of the world’s weapons exist in the Arab region.”

This is the real description of the Arab world which keeps on sinking in miscalculations for the past seven decades of the Palestinian case, when the Arab regimes cemented in their minds the idea that the battle of liberating Palestine needs weapons and allocation of resources for the war effort, let alone spending huge wealth on that path.

Unfortunately, this effort was not exerted in any war with Israel except in 1973. Everyone knows the motives of that war, but the regimes used the remaining weapons to fight and invade each other. All of these occurred under the pretext of liberating Palestine.

In return, the armed Palestinian sects transformed into political shops selling the case to this or that country and strived to cement themselves as the actual authority. They attempted to do so in Jordan in 1970. After their failure, they went to Lebanon which they transformed into the reservoir of organizations which commit cardinal sins against their people, completely abandoning the armed resistance on the path of liberation.

Throughout the past decades, Arab countries have spent billions on Palestinian organizations. Instead of achieving the least of their objectives, these organizations became addicted to money contaminated with the blood of Arabs.

Someone who does not pay gets assassinated. Furthermore, those who helped at the beginning were disregarded, exactly as it happened with the ‘Fateh’ organization. This organization launched its activities in Kuwait, but several years later, it stood with the late Saddam Hussein in the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. In fact, it promoted the late Fateh leader Yasser Arafat’s slogan, “The road to Jerusalem passes through Kuwait.”

All this money could have been saved and all the billions wasted on weapons could have been allocated for development. If Arabs only accepted international resolution 181 in 1974 which stipulated partition of Palestine or resolution number 242/1967 and worked on establishment of the Palestinian State which Jerusalem was part of, they would have saved themselves from many sideshow conflicts that Israel took advantage of to strengthen its position amid the weakness and disputes on who will lead the Arab movement.

It is clear to everyone that the Palestinian case today transformed into a bilateral conflict between Israel and Palestinians. It is no longer a matter of bloody investment as it was in the past.

This is despite the presence of those trying to take advantage of the case for personal gains, exactly as the case of the Hamas movement which established its separate authority from the national authority and exercises terrorism on the people of Gaza Strip.

Today, after 21 United Nations resolutions on Palestine, experience has proven that the only realistic solution to end the miseries and suffering of Palestinians is to realize what the late Anwar Saddat realized from the beginning.

However, due to damages, which any reasonable solution to this complex case might cause to the ‘Brotherhood’, they decided to assassinate him. Today, they are trying, in alliance with Iran, to drag the Arab world into civil war under the pretext of resistance and liberation; while hoping for the divine wrath to befall on Jews and destroy Israel.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times



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