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Tweeter Suleiman Al-Saeedi says that a female citizen filed a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs against a “charity organization” to which she had donated money to build a mosque in an African country in memory of her parents.

Subsequently, she discovered that the association did not construct  the mosque according to the agreed date, so she demanded to return the donated money, and the organization’s management said, ‘We do not have a budget!’

After the complaint, the association contacted the citizen and the official told her that they had dug a well in an African country instead of building the mosque as was previously agreed, and the rest of the donation money will be spent on any project of its choice!

The story of this lady reminded me of a slightly similar incident, where another woman donated nearly 4 million Euros to a well-known charity to build a mosque in an Islamic center in France. A dispute arose between the government and the management of the center, and the mosque construction project was cancelled.

The donor knew of the cancellation, so she asked for her money back. After long procrastination and threats, the charity returned the money after deducting a large percentage of it, and said they had returned what they had previously deducted in application of the principle of “those in charge of it”, and it was up to 20%, but the “very charity” society that was going to build the mosque in France refused to return what was deducted from the donation amount as its percentage.

The latter entered into a judicial struggle with the two parties, and I do not know how it ended up!

A friend told me about twenty years ago one of his relatives donated money for the construction of a mosque in Pakistan, and the charity used to send this donor pictures successively showing the progress of construction, and since he is a pilot, I asked him to visit the site!

The friend was surprised when he went there that the pictures were false, as they only show decorations with a picture of a mosque, like in movie studios, and no building or anything like that, and he may have used the same decorations to laugh at hundreds or thousands of other gullible donors! There are, of course, thousands of other similar scam stories as well.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the largest fundraising campaign in the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, in the Gulf, had failed to support the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria (as they claimed), which was paved with a huge media and advertising campaign, and posters bearing pictures of dozens of well-known personalities in the world of advocacy, including deputies and imams, and they were all called the “leaders of the nation”, the majority of whom are from the Brotherhood, as the campaign did not succeed in collecting more than 22 thousand dollars, on its twentieth day.

We repeat:

Our political and constitutional crisis will end one day and inevitably soon. Meanwhile, our respect for the independence of the judiciary must continue, regardless of our personal opinions of its members!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 23185 times!

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