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Quotas in MP ‘identity’ proposal for Finance-led commission to cut expats

KUWAIT CITY, June 13: Unhappy with the recent performance of the National Assembly MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari has called on all his fellow MPs to review their political standings saying as representatives of the people all of them are responsible to keep in check the violations committed by the government institutions which of late have become more severe.

He questioned the goals and motives of every MP, because as he sees it the interpellations lack severity. He added, if an interpellation is filed against the Prime Minister, he gets immunity from the Parliament, while the ministers who are being grilled receive support and protection from the very body whose job is to supervise government work and hold the erring minister to accountability.

In another development, in a bid to effectively regulate the number of expats in the country and correct the social structure to safeguard national identity, MPs Khaleel Al-Saleh, Osama Al-Shaheen, Mohammed Al- Dallal and Eissa Al-Kandari have submitted a legislative proposal to establish a “National Demographics Regulatory Commission.”

The commission will be in charge of strategic research and planning and means to apply a framework that would decrease and limit the number of expats to 60 percent of the country’s current population within ten years from date of the formation of the commission.

The commission will do so while at the same time taking into consideration, the social, and financial and security ramifications of its executive decisions. It will also re-evaluate the applied framework every 5 years and adjust its parameters in accordance with the development plans of the country, maximizing productivity and ensuring the stability of social, financial and security aspects of the county.

Included in the re-evaluation is the assurance that no particular nationality will exceed 40 percent of the total expat population, with diversification of professions and expertise prioritized in accordance with the actual need of the country.

The commission will be headed by the Minister of Finance and include representatives from all the general secretariat of the high council for state planning and development as deputy director, personnel from the Central Statistical Bureau, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Public Authority for Manpower, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Civil Services Commission, Public Authority for Civil Information, Private Sector representative nominated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Two representatives from the academic community with at least 10 years of experience in the social and financial sciences.

By Ahmed Al Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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